California’s 14,000 ft. Peaks

California 1,4000 ft Peak Ascents

California 14,000 ft. Peaks
Sierra Nevada, California
Southern Cascades, California

California Fourteener Initiative
Ascent all California’s 14,000 ft. Peaks

2-3 days / 1-2 nights / with 2 climbers / Ratio 2:1 / Cost: $375.00 – $425.00 per person per day
2-3 days/ 1-2 nights / with 1 climber / Ratio 1:1 / Cost: $475.00 - $500.00 per day
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Mount WhitneyWith 14 mountains over 14,000 ft. California has one of the largest concentrations of high peaks on the west coast. These mountains make up what is considered some of the most classic alpine climbs in the world. Though many are not technically hard, all are physically demanding, and all are worth the effort. From the rocky slopes of Mt Langley to the mixed ice and snow of the North Palisade and the expansive glaciers on Mt Shasta, California has it all.

SWS Mountain Guides climbs them all and so can you! As one of only two companies permitted to guide all of California’s 14,000 ft. peaks we offer the “Fourteener Initiative”. By contacting our office we can help you establish a plan to climb these high peaks in an order that progressively builds your skills as a mountain climber. Sign up for two or more climbs in one season and receive 10% off your guided climbs as well as discounts on rentals for Shasta climbs.  Take the initiative and climb all of the California 14,000 ft. Peaks in California.

Peak Client to Guide
Ratio / Days**
Route/ Rating / Grade Cost*
Mt. Whitney 14,505 ft.
2:1 / 3 Days
 East Face/Buttress 5.4 -5.6  III
Mt. Williamson 14,375 ft.
2:1 / 3 Days
Twisted Rib 5.6 III
North Palisade 14,242 ft.
2:1 / 3 Days
 U-Notch 5.6 III
 Keeler Needle 14,239 ft.
2:1 /  combo with Whitney
 4th Class / Tech Routes
 Mt. Sill 14,153 ft
 2:1/3 Days
 Swiss Arete 5.7  III
Mt. Russell 14,153 ft
 2:1/3 Days
 East Ridge 4th Class
Fishhook Arete 5.9 III
 Polemonium Peak 14,080 ft
 2:1/3 Days
U-Notch 5.6 III
V-Notch W1-3 III
 Split Mountain 14,042 ft.
 3:1 / 3 Days
North Ridge 3rd Class II
 Mt. Langley 14,022 ft.
 3:1 / 3 Days
 South Ridge 3rd Class II
 Mt. Tyndall 14,019 ft.
 3:1 /3 Days
North Ridge 4th Class 
 Middle Palisade 14,012 ft.
 3:1 /3 Days
East Face 3rd / 4th Class II-III  
 Mt. Muir 14,011 ft
 2:1 / 3 Days
 East Face 4th Class III
 Thunderbolt Peak 14,003 ft.
 2:1 /3 Days
North Couloir 4th Class III 
 Mt. Shasta 14,179 ft
 3:1 /3 Days
Various Routes 

*Cost with maximum 2-3 guide to climber ratio  depending on technical climb/ ** Average length of climb

Scheduling Technical Climbs: You can schedule a Technical Peak Climb & SWS Mountain Guides will advertise your selected date for a second qualified climber. If no other climbers are scheduled or books your date. You have the option to cancel and receive a full refund* or climb with your guide at the special single rate.

California 14,000 ft. Peak Gallery


Mount Whitney
Mount Williamson
North Palisade
Keeler Needle
Mount Sill
Mount Russell
Polemonuim Peak
Split Mountain
Mount Langley
Mount Tyndall
Middle Palisade
Thunderbolt Peak
Mount Muir
Mount Shasta
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